Welcome to the 2013 RationalWiki Dead Links Project

335 dead links remaining

David Gerard remarked that he was encountering a number of dead links when referring to RW articles on RationalBlogs. Seems to me that cleaning them up is a worthwhile wiki-project, if for no other reason than it gets new eyes on old material.

As of March 31, 2013, RationalWiki Mainspace included 6,480 pages with approximately 51,000 external links. Of those, approximately 10%, or around 5,000, are dead. This doesn't include Conservapedia links, which I'm not bothering with. Too many oversighted edits and timeouts. There are some false positives due to the toolkit I used to generate this list being less forgiving than a browser. I think they should be pretty few and far between.

How this works

Getting an account

Request one from Nutty Roux (Jason).

Getting to work

Feel free to browse the index, but you'll need to log into be able to use the app. Once you've replaced a dead link in the RW article or confirmed it's a false positive, click the trashcan to remove it from the database. Easier than writing it down and emailing me.


The resource is probably still there under a different name. For scientific and academic articles, don't forget to check Google Scholar. Worst case, use the article's abstract from PubMed. For any type of article, don't forget to hit the Wayback Machine at Archive.org to see if they've got it archived.

The site this app is hosted on shuts things down after a short period of inactivity, so it takes a few seconds to start back up here and there. That's the price of free.

Questions or suggestions?

Please email me if you run into any technical issues or have any questions. And please don't be shy about bug reports or feature requests.

I'll be creating a sidebar to move "deleted" links to until the end of your session so you can review your work and correct any mistakes. For the time being, the trashcan will scoot a link away without reloading the page and permanently delete it from the database, but the name of the article the link belonged to will remain through a full page reload so that you can keep track of what you worked on. Refresh the page a second time and the article's gone.

Let me know if you've figure out an efficient way to do this and I'll post it here. Yes, this is a tedious drag.

Your pal, Nutty Roux 00:46, 3 April 2013 (UTC)

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